Teddy Bears Picnic – Hike to Gotherington

6 April 2013
We are hoping to go a hike to Gotherington next Thursday. We will be starting from the hall as normal. Please arrive promptly so we can set off at 5:15. We hope to be back by 6:45, but it does depend on how fast the Beavers walk!
Remember to bring your Teddy Bear & a picnic. We will stop when we reach the farm at Gotherington before returning over the hill. Bunnies, monkeys, & other cuddly creatures are very welcome. 
Remember to wear sensible shoes. Our route will take us over the fields. Wellies or walking boots would be best. It would also be wise to wear trousers rather than shorts as there are plenty of nettles & prickles about.   Obviously if the weather is a too wet we will not go on the hike. Nor will we go if the ground is too muddy. If we have to cancel, I will email everyone before 4:00, & we will meet at the hall for a normal meeting.