Scouts – London Trip

9 September 2012
We have organised a weekend away to visit the Science and Natural History Museums in London. We will leave the village hall at 7.00pm on Friday evening and travel down to Derek’s and Lynsey’s old Scout Hall in Bracknell, Berkshire. We will spend the night there which allows us to leave early Saturday morning to get in to London for the Museums. We will spend the day there before returning in the evening to Bracknell. We expect to be in the museums between 10am and 5pm. Sunday, we will visit “Coral Reef” an indoor fun pool before driving back to Woodmancote, arriving at 4.00pm. The cost will be £38. Please visit the Whats-On section of our website to reserve your place and find more details. Places are limited so book early. NOTE: THIS EVENT WILL OPEN FOR BOOKING ON SATURDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER.   The journey takes about 2 hours by minibus. Scouts will sleep in the main hall of the Bracknell Scout Hall. The cost of the weekend includes transport, parking, entry fee (swimming) and food. The museums have cafe and gift shops, pocket money will be needed for these.

Kit List

  • Space in the transport is limited so please keep your kit to a minimum.
  • Scouts will travel in Uniform. Scouts should bring a small day bag for carrying a packed lunch (supplied).
A recommended kit list is given below:
  • Change of clothes for evening wear
  • Warm coat / waterproof
  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Wash kit
  • Torch
  • MP3 player / card games for journey
  • Snacks
  • Teddy
  • Pocket Money
  • Swimming Kit
I suggest that pocket money should be £10.There are additional attractions at both museums which cost additional. (ie IMAX cinema).  If scouts want to visit these extra attractions then extra money will be required. Please look at the web sites for the museums for details of these attractions:
Discover 150 of the most significant items from the Science Museum's collections from 1750 to 2000
The ingenious use of steam to generate power helped Britain become the world’s first industrial nation. See lots of examples here
Trace the story of the space rocket. Learn about the satellites orbiting Earth
Come face to face with a terrifying   T-rex. Inspect dinosaur skeletons. Sort the facts from the myths about why dinosaurs died out
Discover a world of massive mammals. Inspect a blue whale, the largest creature ever, from above and below
Find out what happens – above and below the ground – when a volcano erupts or when an earthquake takes place