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If you want to be added to our Joining List please add your details below and our Joining List Administrator will be in touch with info and details.
Please provide as many contacts details (phone, email, mobile number) as you can, so that we have the best chance of getting in touch, when we can offer you a chance to join.

Currently, there is a long Joining List at 1st Woodmancote, so the best way to ensure that your child can join us is for you to think about joining us yourself. We always welcome any help from parents.

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Here’s a little extra information to help you understand how it works:
From the details you give here, our Joining Secretary will make contact with you to confirm the details and give you the latest situation. You will then be added to the list.
We only have one list, your child(ren) will be added to the age approriate section, i.e. a child less than 8 years old will be put in waiting for a Beaver Scout place. As they age, then they will automatically be repositioned for a place in the next section.
Priority to be offered an available place is based on how long a child has been on the list. The date a child is first placed on the list is the same date that will be used throughout, it won’t be ‘reset’ when they are repositioned against the next section.
Please remember that if we can’t contact you, then we can’t offer you a place, so please return the Joining Secretarys’ communication…….