Panthers Pack Meeting

1 September 2013
We'll be investing our 5 new Cubs tonight at 6:10pm and the County Commissioner and District Commissioners are popping into join us,   otherwise it's a nomal Pack meeting. Wear Cub uniform, but best to make sure it's extra tidy this week. We'll be doing some more activities based around our Map Reader badge tonight, who knows what a contour is, or what the sysmbol for a picnic site is on a Map? You will after tonight......thaogh can you remember how to do those pesky grid references from last week? If you would like to do your 'Show & Tell' for a Hobby, Collector, Book Reader or Martial Arts Badge, please remember to put your name on the list, pinned on the notice board. See you in time for a 5:15 pm start, so we don't finish late again..... Chil